Stop feeding in DOTA2!
Fighting feeding · Anti-Feeder-Script

Our Anti-Feeder-Script for DOTA2

The Anti-Feeder-Script is a nice way of half-automating the appeal against feeders in DOTA2.

After you have followed the steps below, you can use /feeder feedersname on anyone feeding in your DOTA2 game(don't forget to replace "feedersname" with the actual nickname of the feeder).

If you have a better way to implement this, please Contact us so we can improve it.

Create an AutoHotKey script with the following text:

#Hotstring EndChars  `t
#IfWinActive ahk_class DOTA2
Send : I feel your recent action(s) led to feeding. Please read{Left 93}

Alternately, download the Anti-Feeder script already compiled for you