Stop feeding in DOTA2!

Hello bad player!

You have been sent here by a guy or girl who thinks you are feeding or behaving in a way detrimental to the team in his or her game of DOTA2.

Did you know that feeding people in DOTA2 can cause serious problems? The victim may get depressed (which is an illness!) or even become suicidal! This is not a joke and has to be taken seriously!

Notice that you have done something wrong, take action and stop this now. It is better for everyone.

You would not like it if someone did the same to you, would you? Please be aware of your failure and don't do this to anyone again.

You are free to link this page (Stop) to anyone who feeds in your games.

Tips and best practices to avoid feeding in DOTA2 can be found on the fighting feeding page.

Spread the word and be aware of the bad effects feeding in DOTA2 causes!